DEUTSCHE to SAP Interface Implementation services


What is all about:

By combining DEUTSCHE’s banking services with SAP automation financial processing, corporate clients can look forward to a faster, richer and seamless banking experience, that creates a more real-time workflow, with faster and better control over liquidity. Lowering the high costs of managing multiple system interfaces for conducting electronic transactions.

What we offer:

Our Implementation Services help by providing expert assistance to speed and mitigate the development of system interfaces that let SAP clients connect into DEUTSCHE’s worldwide banking network via an H2H single-entry point, simplifying communications for services such as account payables, account receivables and Bank reconciliations.


Accelerate development of SAP, standard interface solution between the SAP system and DEUTSCHE’s back-office to communicate transactions based on prepared country-specific templates of ISO 20022 XML formats.

Expert assistance to adjust quickly your global SAP system working environment to align with SAP – DEUTSCHE interface project requirements: Data analysis and Data adjustments, User Training and user guides, assistance in System preparation to DEUTSCHE PVT testing and Go Live and support.