Cost and Terms

DEUTSCHE connector to SAP ERP


Application package for SAP ERP to allow an end-to-end solution for:

  • Send Payments request to DEUTSCHE.
  • Receive Banks Statements from DEUTSCHE.
  • Receive Lockbox check statements from DEUTSCHE.

See the end to end process for an overview of the solution.

Solution Content

  • On-Prem solution installation.
  • High level customization support.
  • SAP DMEE templates for various Countries
  • Send Payments, send Direct Debit and receive Acknowledgments.
  • sFTP connector installation and a high-level support.
  • Receive Lock Box checks (Bank Notes) solution.
  • E-Mail notifications for solution flow.
  • Receive Bank Statement in MT940 SAP standard format solution.
  • High level technical instruction for the solution technical content and use.

Cost and Payment Terms

  1. One-time payment of 71,500 USD for total solution (no annual fee).
  2. Payment terms: end of month + 30 days from delivery date.
  3. Customer must send Purchase Order for validating the purchase. Solution will be installed on customer’s Dev ERP system upon purchase order receipt.
  4. We include the following services:
    1. Full cycle remote project management includes: Set time table, manager the a data migration done by customer’s, make system settings, make minor adjustments ABAP code, manage testing with customer team and top user instruction on the new system.
    2. Two months of support period (malfunctions or minor changes), with no more than 40 work days, starting from product delivery date.
    3. Additional Support or changes in the product by MINIPPS team bears an hourly rate (full hours only) of 100 USD.
  5. For Israeli customers, VAT should be included to the price above.